100: Just the Beginning

  • Lance Bass, once boy-bander, now radio host, TV star, and do-gooder joins us for the 100th episode of The Six Pack. It’s been six years since Lance declared “I’m Gay” on the cover of People magazine. With the recent coming out of Anderson Cooper and Frank Ocean, does this make Lance a trailblazer? (And does he think any of the One Direction guys is gay? You know we can’t help but ask.)
  • Trending this week: The Olympics are about to kick off with a record number of openly gay athletes. We won’t tell you the number here, but it’s pretty sizable, and let’s just say very high in the lesbian department. Did you know that your political beliefs may affect how hot you think it is outside? A new study says so! And as long as we’re talking studies, binge drinking over the age of 65 is really, really bad for ya. Warn grandma now!
  • Shad Balch from General Motors also joins us in studio to talk about why GM sees the gay market as such an important component of their marketing strategy. From their viral Volt ad to working with The Six Pack, GM has proven itself to be a true gay ally; Shad is just one example of a gay person thriving at the number one automaker in the world.
  • 100 episodes in and we’re just getting started! Have you listened to every single one? Tweet at us with your favorite episode, and there might just be some Six Pack Swag in it for you!

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