101: Three Little Elves

  • Karl Frisch, political pundit and talking head, joins us to chat politics, social media, and what exactly put him in Facebook jail. (Bet you didn’t know there was a Facebook jail. Well, there is. Karl was there and lived to tell about it.)
  • Trending this week: Amtrak is now on board (pun intended) with the gay community. They’re pouring money into LGBT advertising, and hopefully it works for them because somehow they’re losing money selling food! Also, did you know that men are faking orgasms left and right? We had no idea, and frankly it’s quite upsetting. And finally, texting while walking might kill you! Yes you! Now stop it and look up! Quick! 
  • Susan Miller from Astrologyzone.com sits down with us to explain the Mercury in Retrograde phenomenon as well as brush us up on general astrological concepts. Fortunately for us all, Mercury in Retrograde is ending today August 8th, but it will be back soon enough! 
  • Politics, astrology, and much more more on this 101st episode of The Six Pack. (Note: If you download today and it doesn’t work it’s because of the Cosmos, not because of our server. Good luck to us all.)

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