102: Top Down

  • Jack Moore, Buzzfeed.com’s resident sports guy and comedian, joins us this week to talk about what’s buzzin’ on the interwebs. We cover it all, from cat pics to Transformers to a shirtless Paul Ryan, and everything in between. Is the culture of words and pictures dumbing us all down? You probably haven’t read this far to find out, so just listen in!
  • We’re podcasting this week from the OnStar Studio at the General Motors Renaissance Center in Detroit. We hit up the Motor City for the Woodward Dream Cruise, the nation’s largest gathering of classic car enthusiasts. Think of it as a gay pride parade, just with more shiny stuff.
  • Trending this week: Rashida Jones apologized for saying John Travolta should come out of the closet. Is this the work of Scientologists or just a recommendation from her therapist? Also, a new study says that both sexes view women as a set of body parts, not as a whole person. What about gay men? Do we do this to each other?
  • We also debut our Pop Culture Quiz, a nitty, gritty game of who’s who and what’s what in the world of TV, music, and movies. What’s in it for the winner? You’ll find out.
  • All that plus a tale of how we tried to get the top down in our Chevy Camaro (oh, and Dave choking on a hotdog). Click play now!

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