103: Back to School

  • Jessica Kirson, comedian and woman of many faces, joins us for this edition of The Six Pack. Jessica talks about the comedy circuit, explains how her sexuality influences her work, and reveals the identity of her famous step-brother. (You have to listen in to find out who!)
  • Trending this week: Bill Cosby is trying to protect his likeness after he dies. Can he do it? We sure hope so, because nobody wants to see Cliff Huxtable selling Jell-O in 2032! Also, could food shortage be on the way? Between population overgrowth dwindling food stock things aren’t looking good. And more important than any of this, a woman in Idaho is sleepwalking. We offer her advice, wisdom…and jokes on the matter.
  • We’ve also got a brand new edition of Workin’ It for you this week with Pop-Up Pantry’s David Hauslaib. You may remember David as one of the founders of Queerty.com but he has since moved on and is now bringing gourmet meals to your door. Ben has already tried them and is giving them the full thumbs up. Use code SIXPACK for 10% off your next order at www.popuppantry.com.
  • It’s post Labor Day, so put away your white pants, get your school supplies ready, and listen in to Six Pack 103 now!

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