105: Shirtless Curtain Pullers

  • Frenchie Davis joins us this week to talk American Idol, The Voice, and the future of music competition shows. She also shares her thoughts on being a member of the LGBT community (she’s a B), reveals whether she has attained gay icon status in West Hollywood, and debuts her new single!
  • Trending this week: A Father in Hong Kong is offering $65 million to a man who agrees to marry his lesbian daughter. Would you take $65 million to marry someone of the opposite sex? Also, Honey Boo Boo got a little gay last week, and smartphones are becoming our surrogate therapists. (Somehow those stories can be linked together.)
  • John Carrafa, choreographer of the new NBC show “Nashville,” calls in and tells us what it’s like to be a straight man in a gay man’s world of theater. He also dishes some dirt on people he’s worked with in the past. Hint: Last week wasn’t the first time Justin Bieber threw up!

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