106: Papaya, Mango and Lime

  • Abby Huntsman, Huffington Post Live host, political pundit, and daughter of former presidential candidate, joins us for this episode of The Six Pack. She tells us about what it’s like being the child of a candidate as well as how she’s gone about making a name for herself. And what’s the latest with the @Jon2012Girls? You’ll find out.
  • Trending this week: There’s a new study that says only 3.4% of Americans identify as LGBT. Could that possibly be true? What happened to the 10%? In other news, people are burning up after putting on too much Banana Boat sun screen - you’ve been warned! And finally, did you celebrate #SpiritDay? Uncle Poodle sure did.
  • We also break down 9 habits that do more harm than good and find out that we’re guilty of quite a few. Fear not though, listening to The Six Pack is not one of them. Click play now!

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