11: Cigars, Sports and Scotch

  • Eleven shows in, six segments, and unlimited breadsticks…Word up! Wayne Besen from truthwinsout.org Skypes in to explain the latest triumph in the fight against the quack “ex-gay” movement (and we discuss one of our newly “ex-gay” listeners). 
  • Top to Bottom gets scandalicious with Miami news anchor Charles Perez, and we’ve dug up some salacious evidence of our own. Dave hops on the conspiracy theory bandwagon thanks to the White House’s “enemy list,” and we’ll introduce you to Caleb, the new “non-stereotypical” gay character on Melrose Place. 
  • Music for Homosexuals gives you a brand new Friendly Fires track not yet available on iTunes. 
  • Straight List, Gay Twist - it’s back - and we’re trying to see if the “Romeo and Juliet Syndrome” applies to us. The “homotastic” shenanigans of the Cartoon Network are making us go, “Homo say wha?” And there’s still time to send in your photos for the “Six Packers with iPhones” contest for 2xist freebies!

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