13: A Gift from God

  • It’s getting hot in herrrre, and Judge David Young Skypes in to discuss the summer’s steamiest topics, from what he thinks of the Eric Dane sex tape to what it’s like to be an openly gay TV judge. 
  • In Top to Bottom, we’ve got news on Meghan McCain, condoms in porn films, a man’s DIY sex operation, and Stephon Marbury’s YouTube craziness. In Music for Homosexuals, we offer you a remix from British duo La Roux. A new biography about Oprah’s alleged lesbianism is supposedly the cause of her recent weight gain - what’s with all of Ms. Winfrey’s hangups? 
  • And finally, are the “hags” of the world getting a raw deal? Sit and discuss. Plus next week we’ll be stalking more Housewives!

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