16: Ya Know What I Mean?

  • Former CNN Headline News anchor Thomas Roberts Skypes in to talk home improvement, Wolf Blitzer’s beard, and being ‘out’ in broadcasting. 
  • In Top to Bottom, we’re full of surveys and statistics about well, um… you’ll see. Also find out about who was caught licking chickens and why Lady Gaga loves God and the gays. 
  • We’re getting all French techno on you with some music from Sebastien Tellier. Poly parties? Throuples? We’ll be discussing the ins and outs of the new phenomenon of Polyamory. Homo Say Wha brings us a pretty disturbing story out of Atlanta. 
  • And someone’s not too happy with our depiction of gypsies - we’ve got more e-mails to read in Group Action. Plus, all the details on how you can join us on the post-Thanksgiving day cruise in the Caribbean. Ding ding!

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