17: Pretentious (Gay) Tools

  • Chris Salvatore and Michael Walker from “Eating Out 3” join us for our first four-way Skype experience, and they don’t disappoint. Plus Chris sticks around to play a track from his album in our Music for Homosexuals segment. 
  • Top to Bottom has us on our toes this week: Guess who’s got his own radio show? Contracted swine flu? Had sex with 2.8 million people? We’ll tell you who. Details magazine concocted a list of “63 Signs You’re a Pretentious Tool,” and we’ll be sifting through the list. Better yet, we want you to help us make a new list of signs you’re a GAY tool. Shouldn’t be too difficult. 
  • Coming Out 2.0 explores what it’s like coming out of the closet in middle school, which makes us feel old. What else? Ketosis dieting, the Beefcake iPhone app, delicious tapas, and monkey butts - it’s all in this episode of the Six Pack. Boing!

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