19: Kings of Wishful Thinking

  • Trailblazing comedian Bob Smith Skypes in and tells us what it was like being the first openly gay comic on the Tonight Show, plus he gives us some advice about our upcoming cruise. In Top to Bottom, we’ve got an update on the Atlanta bar raid, and some of these new details are pretttty interesting. 
  • You’ll also find out: Which celeb do guys seeking plastic surgery want to look like? What’re the most annoying words that people, like, say? And is birth control changing women’s attraction to men? Huh? Whatever. This week in Music for Homosexuals, we’re branching out beyond the USA, bringing you music from openly gay Israeli singer Ivri Lider
  • We’ll also explain why we couldn’t attend the Equality March in DC this weekend, and why some people are saying the event has led to a divide in the gay community. 
  • Back by popular demand, we’ve got another installment of ‘Craigslist Missed Connections Set to Love Songs!’ Pucker up and open wide because this show is gonna be a mouthful!

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