21: Slug Pellets

  • Bruce Vilanch of “Hollywood Squares” fame is our Skype victim this week, and wait until you hear about his new movie, “Oy Vey My Son is Gay!” 
  • Don’t confuse Bruce Vilanch with the Russian bear we’ll be talking about in Top to Bottom… and things only get more salacious from there. Magic Johnson and Isiah Washington are at odds with one another - but is this really just a long overdue lover’s quarrel? A Saudi Arabian journalist has been sentenced to 60 lashings for talking about sex toys on TV. 
  • Plus, we’ve got a HUGE announcement about Carnie Wilson. In our Gay Crime Time segment, we’ll be focusing on gay criminals from the UK. We’ll also be giving and getting some international love in Group Action. (We’re all equal opportunity like that!) 
  • Oh, and want more of this drivel in your ears every single day? Well tune in to us on Sirius/XM satellite radio the week of November 9th. We’ll be guest hosting Frank DeCaro’s show every day from 11am-2pm. Get your dialing fingers ready!

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