22: Purification Rundown

  • Israeli music superstar Ivri Lider returns to the program, this time as our first international Skype guest. Ivri talks about gays in the military, life in Tel Aviv, and who the song “Jesse” is really all about. 
  • It’s our post-Halloween show, which means Top to Bottom has some scarrry topics like: the Internet is so old we actually remember the early days of Prodigy and MicroMUSE; Anderson Cooper got caught by the paparazzi with his boyfriend in India; plus, the aliens are coming and we want you to watch their arrival along with us. But enough of this serious stuff… we’re starting a new segment of good clean fun featuring a new “Six Pack Guy” every month - and that means we’re looking for Six Packers like you. (If you’re single, that is.) 
  • This week we continue our analysis of the gayest story on Earth, Scientology. You won’t believe the latest developments, but if you like aliens and saunas, this segment is for you. We’ll also be launching our own New York investigation of Scientology, so watch out Tom Cruise! Please remember to check us out every day next week on Sirius XM. We’ll be hosting with Frank DeCaro every day from 11am-2pm.

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