24: Annoying Drunk White Chicks

  • Dustin Lance Black, Lance Bass, Nicholas Rodriguez, Victor Garber, and Judy Gold all stop by to chat with us on the red carpet at the Emery Awards. That’s a pretty hot helping of guests, right? This week we also studied up on the latest giblets of gay gossip: 
  • In top to Bottom we’ll talk about idiotic Texan lawmakers, fancy schmancy McDonald’s restaurants, Larry King’s son, and Oprah’s adopted gay child. We may have dropped the ball on our Scientology investigation, but to make up for it we’re revealing our latest investigation of “chill, laid back Str8 dudes.” Yep. To come out or not come out during a job interview? That is the question. 
  • Plus, we’ve got one last Group Action before Thanksgiving. Next time you hear from us we’ll be on board the Royal Caribbean post-Thanksgiving cruise with Pied Piper Travel. Expect the unexpected.

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