26: A Very Ticklish Christmas

  • The multi-talented Mason Wyler Skypes into the show with plenty of “ho ho ho” spirit. You may have seen Mason displaying his jingle balls on our new partner site, Guys with iPhones, but we’re betting he’s nowhere to be found on Guys I Blocked on Grindr (our other new partner!). We interrogate Mason about everything from “Spokes 3” to sex addiction to being a self-professed attention whore. Mason also reveals a disturbing experience involving tickle torture, and he stirs up new controversy with some fine words for Zane from Chaos Men (also known as ZTT). Is ZTT really a tweaked out version of “Maria Full of Grace,” or is Mason just blowing smoke? Either way, he cracks us up. 
  • Top to Bottom brings us news about Bruce Springsteen, Houston’s lesbian mayor, incestuous gay twins Miloh and Elijah Peters, and the top trending Twitter topics of the year. 
  • We’ve got a new “Craigslist Missed Connections Set to Love Music,” and this one is gonna do George Michael proud. If that’s not enough, Kristine W joins us to talk about her Christmas dance single and new double DVD set. Mix together one gentile, one Jew, and a whole bundle of holiday cheer, and you’ve got the final Six Pack of 2009! Enjoy.

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