29: Sherlock Homos

  • Queerty editor David Hauslaib joins the Six Pack this week and gives us the 411 on everything from Prop 8 to Uganda to shirtless YouTube sensation Davey Wavey! We’re also interviewing Mikey, the guy behind “A Gay Hockey Kid’s Life,” a blog that’s all the buzz over at OutSports.com. 
  • We’re getting down and dirty in Top to Bottom talking about Rosie O’Donnell’s new GF, Avatar depression, and 3D porn. Also this episode we’ve become self-proclaimed Sherlock Homos, as we investigate the ways in which three different celebrities have recently addressed questions about their sexuality. Which one is queer (but not gay) and which one would rather die in a natural disaster before announcing his homosexuality? Gotta click play to find out.
  •  And finally, want to go to Turks and Caicos with us in May? Want to work out with us at NYC’s hottest gym? Details coming soon.

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