31: Postmodern Mashup

  • Sandra Bernhard joins the Six Pack this week, proving that our Twitter stalking paid off! Not only is she as funny, outspoken, and spunky as ever, but she’s got a squash cooking in the oven. (And we don’t mean that as a euphemism.) Tune in for all the salacious details, and if you’re in Chicago go see her live on Valentine’s Day! 
  • Speaking of love, it seems a lot of straight chicks have opinions on whether gays can be monogamous these days…but what do the gays have to say?
  • We’ve got a hot tune from Mark Aaron James on this week’s Music for Homosexuals.  
  • More info on our upcoming trip to Turks and Caicos with Straight Out Adventures, plus find out how you can win a month free at Equinox Fitness clubs…just in time for you to get your six packs in shape for the trip.