36: Gay Blue People

  • The inspiring Sigourney Weaver, very funny Sandra Bernhard, and aromatic Michael Urie graced us with their presence at the GLAAD Awards this weekend in NYC. From gay blue people to gay dodgeball to non-gay perfume we’ve got everything covered, and you’ll hear plenty of sound bites from our favorite celebs who chatted us up. 
  • Believe it or not, Top to Bottom (now powered by Queerty.com) has no closeted Republican stories this week! We discuss Roseanne Barr’s comments about Marie Osmond’s son and the gay hoopla that ensued. We’ve also got the deets on Bravo’s fabulous new lineup. 
  • “Homo Say What?” is back this week with an investigation into French Connection’s new advertising campaign. If you specifically market to straight people will gay people follow? And, wait a minute, isn’t French Connection’s “FCUK” label the gayest thing ever? 
  • Finally, Michael Douglas, we’re coming for you! And Michael Vartan better not be too far behind. Huh? Click play to find out.