37: Techno Fairy

  • Comedian Jackie Mason joins the Six Pack this week, and Dave wastes no time quizzing his old pal about why they haven’t bumped into each other lately. Jackie tells us why he supports gay marriage (hint: his answer involves a “horse” and a “chair”) and why Obama lovers won’t dig his upcoming Comedy Central show (hint: he doesn’t love Obama). Also, Jackie leaves us with a zinger fitting of a comedy legend. Ouch! 
  • There was so much gay news this week, we had to bring in a third homosexual, Queerty Editorial Director David Hauslaib. From the changes in store for Fire Isand this summer to the latest on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” we’ve got you covered. Did we mention Dan Savage loves trannies? 
  • We’re dedicating this show to the techno fairies of the world, because without gays who would co-opt new technology? We discuss Grindr for Blackberry, the new social networking site Fabulis, and, um, electronic underpants…so get out your inner geek. The latest Six Pack is just a click away.