39: Move Over Ricky Martin

  • Reichen Lehmkhul Skypes in to tell us all about his new life in NYC as an actor/model/jewelry designer/reality star. He tells us all about “My Big Gay Italian Wedding” and clears up the rumors about his new reality show — which is not titled “Kept” or “The Gay Housewives of NYC,” for the record. (Ahem, Gawker.) 
  • In Top to Bottom, powered by Queerty.com, we discuss the pre-orchestrated and publicity-filled celebrity coming out on May 5th. Who will be interviewing said celebrity? The View ladies, Larry King, and…us? 
  • We’re still loving our new Music for Homosexuals jingle by Mark Aaron James.
  • If you’re an exhibitionist or a porn star with a part-time drag queen habit, you might want to tune into our “Crime Time” segment for some legal advice. Exhibitionist or not, pop in your headphones and click play on episode #39.