44: Trenton Makes, the World Takes

  • CNN’s Soledad O’Brien joins us this week fresh off a trip down to the Gulf. She tells us the latest about the oil disaster, and we discuss her new CNN Special, “In America: Gary and Tony Have a Baby.” And like a true pro, she puts the smackdown on Dave for asking a rather ridiculous question.
  • In Top to Bottom, powered by Queerty.com, we cover a SeanCody.com model who is “too gay” for gay porn, two newly-out “bi” chicks, and a recent adoption by one Ben Harvey.
  • Our “Werkin’ It” segment returns this week with Eyal Feldman from BoyButter.com. How does one get into the lube business? And is it a sticky situation when you have to tell your parents what you do for a living? (Get it? Sticky situation!) It’s our Pre-Pride show, people, so put on The Pack and Partaaaaay!