46: Path to Queendom

  • George Takei joins us this week as we boldly go where no homos have gone before. He tells us about the rebirth of his career since coming out and his experience working with Howard Stern. 
  • In Top to Bottom, powered by Queerty.com, we’ve got a Republican telling us the truth has set him free; a priest whose lies put him behind bars; and a certain female celebrity who prefers to tell only half the truth on her “Path to Queendom.” Does this make her autobiography a lie? 
  • Teen Vogue says the “it” thing for teenage girls these days is to have a gay best friend, or “GBF” for short. Are gays being relegated to the role of just a Sassy Gay Friend? (Yeah, let’s talk about that YouTube video too!) 
  • All that, Music for Homosexuals, and more, taped live at our fabulously air conditioned studios at SiriusXM.