49: Wait for the Book

  • Congressman Barney Frank called in the day after Prop 8 flipped in California, apparently believing we were a serious news organization. We played along and asked him hard-hitting questions about Prop 8, the Supreme Court, and… Kathy Griffin. 
  • Top to Bottom, powered by Queerty.com, brings us some interesting revelations about Glenn Beck and a disturbing story about a fraternity bromance gone wrong. 
  • We also hit the carpet at GLAAD Manhattan and chatted it up with Ms. Skinny Girl Margarita herself, Bethenny Frankel, along with Alex and Simon from Real Housewives, Real World’s Scott Herman, OutQ’s Frank DeCaro, and figure skater Johnny Weir. Let’s just say that if Johnny sends Danielle Staub and her mafia hitmen after us, well, it’s been nice knowing you!