50: Gates of Wisdom

  • Margaret Cho calls in from the deep lesbian woods of P-Town as our special guest on this milestone of a show. 50 episodes in and we haven’t killed each other… nor made love. Truly an on-air marriage made in heaven. 
  • Top to Bottom, powered by Queerty, brings us some Republican-chick madness:  Elisabeth Hasselbeck reveals she’s actually pro-gay, and Ann Coulter says she’ll speak at GOProud’s Homocon, whether the “fake Christians” like it or not. Could Maggie Gallagher be the next conservative hussy to hop on the pro-homo bandwagon? Hmm. 
  • We’re bringing back “Craigslist Missed Connections Set to Love Songs” as a throwback to the first days of The Six Pack (gays of California be warned). And speaking of California, we’re announcing our Six Packin’ Across America Tour, and it’s starting on the left coast.  Live in San Diego or San Francisco? Watch out! 
  • All that and more on this very special 50th episode of The Six Pack.  It’s time to celebrate.

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