52: Lettuce Tossing

  • The Six Packin’ Tour kicked off in the warm, sunny splendor of San Diego. We got an incredible private tour of The San Diego Zoo and spent some quality time with koalas, elephants, pandas…and an actual contestant from Ru Paul’s Drag U. Believe it or not, she was allowed to roam totally free! 
  • R Gang Eatery hooked us up not only with some amazing food and drink, but also let us tape the show from their outdoor deck. Thanks to everyone who came out and knocked back a few mojitos and tater tots with us. 
  • Major props and thanks go out to The Hard Rock Hotel for treating us like rock stars and printing out all the paperwork we’re always talking about. 
  • The Six Packin’ Tour San Diego Adventure is brought to you by Straight out Adventures. You are joining us in Turks and Caicos in May, 2011. Right, right? Good. 
  • Also in this episode we check in with the Flat 29 podcast, the masterminds behind our new jingle!

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