53: San Francisco Babylon

  • San Francisco was the next city to offer the Six Packin’ Tour the welcome mat, and it was an unbelievable few days.  From our live taping at Lookout Bar to help support Equality California to an introspective moment on Haight and Ashbury, we saw all the city had to offer.  (Though in a somewhat ironic twist, we left right before the GayVN Awards and the infamous Folsom Street Fair.)
  • Top to Bottom, powered by Queerty, has two new studies about gay peeps that’ll get your head spinning and a story about a no-good proctologist that’ll get your butt itching!
  • Geoff Kors from EQCA tells us more about the organization’s efforts, which include passing more pro-gay legislation through the California legislature than any other year in history.
  • And because we can never truly leave the east coast behind, we managed to interview Planet Green’s Beekman Boys, who went from NYC life to a full-time farm existence. They sell a sheep’s milk soap that is all the rage.
  • Six Packin’ Across Cali is brought to you by Straight Out Adventures.  Pre-register for our Turk and Caicos 2011 trip by clicking here. 

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