54: In a Sentimental Mood

  • Austin, Texas busted out the sunshine and the smiles on our next Six Packin’ Across America tour stop. We got served some frog’s legs (they do in fact taste like chicken), as well as a big helping of gay Texas history. 
  • Bettie Naylor, the “Rosa Parks of gay rights” in Texas, joined us for an afternoon of storytelling. Wait ‘til you hear how she left 30 years of marriage to become the first gay lobbyist in Texas. Truly an amazing woman. 
  •  Top to Bottom, powered by Queerty.com, has a load of topics as big as Texas itself, including an internal debate over Logo’s A-List show. Group Action is our largest ever with a bevy of people from our live event at Rain on 4th with Equality Texas
  • Thanks to everyone who made our first stop in Texas an incredible experience…and also one we have spent everyday since at the gym trying to work off.
  • Six Packin’ Across America is brought to you by Straight Out Adventures
  • (For the extended interview with Bettie Naylor, check out the bonus content on our iPhone app.)

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