55: Whip it Real Good

  • We’re back in studio this week and who better to bring us some hot, sweaty, 3D action? Steve-O! The Jackass 3D star and infamous ball-stapler answers all our questions and poses an interesting question of his own: can a straight ally call himself a “f*ggot?” Hmm. 
  • Top to Bottom, powered by Queerty.com will have you pausing next time you use artificial sweetener (and yes, that includes even your beloved Splenda-rita.) Also, can a gay anthem be written by a 9 year-old Hollywood protege? Whip your hair and find out. 
  • In a first, The Six Pack does a fireside chat as we discuss the last month in the world of gay. There’s been a lot of bad news going around and we give it The Six Pack “once over.” Franklin D. Roosevelt ain’t got nothing on us. 
  • All that, plus a gun-totin’ Group Action that may have us heading down south on The Six Packin’ Tour, after all. Lock’n (down)load now.

(Click for mp3)