56: Tea Parties

  • Fran Drescher joins the show this week with details about her upcoming TAWK show. She’s got a whole lot on her mind, everything from her HRC award to the decline of cable news to her gay ex-husband. Try to keep up! 
  • One thing Fran probably won’t be talking about is our highly illicit encounter with Perez Hilton in Atlantic City a few weeks ago. (Let’s just say that Ben has learned a good lesson about Velcro.) 
  • Top to Bottom, powered by Queerty.com, might change your TV viewing habits forever, as a new study tells us what Democrats and Republicans prefer to watch on the tube. Also, can “Dancing with the Stars” have same-sex dance partners? (And will one of them be Portia de Rossi?) Let’s discuss. 
  • We’re bringing back an old favorite, Straight List Gay Twist, and we have a new partner for the lovefest, OneGoodLove.com. All that plus your reactions to last show’s Fireside Chat. There’s only one way to find out if #itgetsbetter - click play!

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