57: Dreidel, Dreidel

  • Whitney Mixter, star of Showtime’s The Real L Word and the hottest lesbian with dreads on Earth, joins us this week. She gives us some insider info about what it’s like to live in front of the camera completely exposed. (Spoiler: Ben may not want to watch The Real L World with his mom anymore.) 
  • It’s Hannukah so we manage to gay up at least one of those eight crazy nights, as if so many colorful candles aren’t enough. 
  • Top to Bottom, powered by Queerty, has a new study about mercury poisoning turning flamingos (and maybe us) gay. We also launch into the Gawker story about gay mafioso Barry Diller and his twin boy toys. 
  • Antoni Akagi, our master trainer from Equinox, gives us some holiday fitness tips and shares some of the secrets of Enhance Well. And, of course, some Group Action corrections (thank you very much) and an ethical debate about Vitamin Water. Click and sip now!

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