60: Beverly Hills Houseguest

  • Cedric Martinez from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills checks in and reveals what it was like living as the “permanent houseguest” at the Vanderpump estate. Is he still speaking with Ken and Lisa Vanderpump? What does Cedric have in common with Giggy, their Alopecia stricken dog? And how far did things go with his squeeze Lance Bass? He answers all our probing questions…. 
  • In Six Pack News, powered by Queerty.com, we check in on former guest Chely Wright, who says coming out hasn’t been all rosy for her career. And with “National Unplug Day” coming, we debate the merits of getting off the information super-highway. 
  • All that, plus Adam Bouska from the No H8 campaign, in this episode of the Six Pack! Now take that duct tape off your mouth and click play.

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