62: Gaga Gone Gone

  • Michael Musto, NYC’s King of Gossip, joins us this week to dish, dish, dish! From Anderson Cooper to Shephard Smith, the East Village to Murray Hill, and Calvin Klein to his boy-toy, Michael holds nothing back. (Not that he ever does.) 
  • This week’s headlines were begging for some Six Pack discussion, including the major drug bust on an Atlantis Cruise and Billy Ray Cyrus’ blowout with Disney. Warning:  Don’t be like Myley and smoke salvia while listening. 
  • And how could we call ourselves gay without dissecting the new Gaga song? Is this really the new gay anthem or just some recycled Madonna pop from the 80s?  The Daily Beast’s Jacob Bernstein may or may not agree with us on this one.
  • It’s a February ranty and ravy Six Pack. And if our audio warmth isn’t enough to get you through the rest of the winter, join us this May in Turks and Caicos. We’ve got some new details in this episode.

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