63: Nature vs. Nurture

  • Former MTV VJ Dave Holmes calls in this week and tells us how the music channel has changed over the years, what it was like to be out back in the 90s (holy cow!), and how he decided to take control of his career.
  • The headlines, powered by Queerty.com, are all sunshine with a lot of good news for the gays this week, even as told to us by Fox News! There’s some bad news for closeted kids who may have downloaded Corbin Fisher porn, however. Whose side are you on and do you think we should #BoycottCorbin?
  • You guys having been enjoying our ‘gaynalysis’ of trends lately, so this week we decide to tackle the nature vs. nurture debate.  Are gays really “born this way,” as a certain blog and Lady Gaga believe?  We not only give you some answers but get a real life gay flight-attendant-in-training on the phone.  We didn’t even have to push the ‘call’ button twice. Now put your tray table in the upright position and get ready for the show!

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