66: Take Yo Momma Out

  • Lisa Lampenelli, comedy’s ‘Lovable Queen of Mean,’ calls in while en route to a road gig. (Oh, the life of a comedian.) She holds nothing back as she veers from the Comedy Central Roasts to her affection for black men to her feelings about Andy Dick. And yes, there are a couple f-bombs in there. We think you can handle it. 
  • The headlines, powered by Queerty, are a mixed bag: everything from gay animals to STD-carrying mosquitoes to a hip-hop radio transvestite prostitute scandal. There are no winners here, folks. 
  • With less than a month to go before our big Turks and Caicos trip (have you heard we are going?!), we bring back our master trainer from Equinox, Antoni. He updates us not only on our fitness routine, but has plenty of tips as we finally shift into the spring and summer.  Apparently getting fit has something to do with diet, who knew?

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