67: Yes to Everything

  • James Van Der Beek calls in and gives us the insider scoop on Logo’s New Now Next Awards. Is he trying to dethrone Neil Patrick Harris as the king of hosting gigs? And what’s life been like since Dawson’s Creek? But most important, what was up with that Ke$ha video he did (along with the evil unicorns)? We delve into all of these questions and more. 
  • It’s a double interview bonanza this week, as we also chat it up with Marc Maron of the WTF Podcast. He’s the go-to guy for insight into the comic mind, but this time we crack open his mind and discuss how he’s helped put the podcasting medium on the map. 
  • The headlines have some sad news, as our pals over at Queerty have decided to close shop. As if that weren’t enough of a bummer, we found out that the Olive Garden cooking school is a fraud. Unlimited salad not withstanding, this is quite a shocker. Oh, and Bethenny Frankel has sold Skinny Girl for a cool 120 million. We’re still waiting for our cut of the check. 
  • Spring has sprung, so bust out your Skinny Girl, throw on your headphones, and find out what really is New Now Next: The Six Pack

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