68: Keeping Them Honest

  • Ben Cohen, our favorite British rugby player for many reasons, joins us this week from across the pond. (Sorry guys, he’s straight, but his wife is cool with you objectifying him.) He tells us about the launch of his Acceptance Tour to stand up to bullying, and also reveals quite a bit about his chest hair!
  • This week in the news, we review a possible CIA/Bin Laden sex tape, as well as a Japanese Internet kissing box. Yup, the future is now.
  • David Walters, Entertainment Editor from Details, is in studio to talk about the magazine’s ‘Yes List.’ Think we can pull Details out of the closet a bit? Oh, we think so.
  • We’re one episode away from our 2nd Anniversary show with special guest MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts, and a few surprises for you guys. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let your Acceptance Tour of The Six Pack begin now.

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