71: Til Death Do Us Part

  • NYC’s own Joy Behar and former Mayor Ed Koch join us on this very proud episode of The Six Pack. We talked to Joy live in the flesh (calm down) right before we hopped on board a fundraiser for Friends of Animal Rescue. She loves animals and she loves gays, but is there room for straight marriage in her life? Mayor Ed Koch also called in to the show, offering his opinions on the gay marriage bill and revealing his latest gig - as a movie reviewer. 
  • Six Pack News takes us from popcorn brain to pride doodles to Chris Crocker porn. You’ll have to tune in to find out. 
  • For NYC Gay Pride, we headed out to the streets for a live Group Action and talked to the L’s, the B’s, the G’s, the T’s and whoever else was out there. It was truly a magical day and we left with enough glitter on our faces to prove it. Download now and share in the good vibes!

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