72: LesbiGod

  • The Real L Word’s Whitney Mixter, the lesbian-of-all-lesbians, is back for round 2 with The Six Pack. She is the breakout star from the series and one of our fave guests, so we thought it was time to find out what’s new with this chick. From her celesbian exploits to Brooklyn BBQs to “Lesbian Attack” parties, she spreads around lots girly-goodness.
  • Six Pack News casts a wide net of wedded bliss this week. Mayor Mike Bloomberg will officiate a gay wedding on the first day they are legal in NY; lesbians are getting married at higher rates than gay men; and straights are getting divorces at higher rates in states that have gay marriage. Gays, lesbians, straights…oh my!
  • Crime Time is back, and we’ve got bat-wielding lesbians, a missing cat, and a missing penis. (You can guess which one we found the most disturbing.) It’s the dog days of summer, the perfect time for a walk and The Six Pack. Download now!
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