73: Back Sweat Index

  • Mo Rocca joined us in studio this week to talk television, relationships, and the process of coming into yourself. Why is he still single? Will he be part of the rumored Daily Show reunion? And does he know exactly how many Twitter followers he has? 
  • Six Pack News brings you a story about penis size, a story about binge drinking, and a story about a priest’s anus.  Need we say more? 
  • We also check in with our main man on the west coast, Raul Rojas, who was in San Diego for Comic Con. As a self-proclaimed geek himself, Raul gives us the lowdown on the hottest superheroes, the latest gaymer news, and the homotastic comic book scene. 
  • All that, a new tune by former guest Ivri Lider, and more. As the famous Spider-man line goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Download responsibly now.

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