74: I'm Not a Superman

  • Lt. Dan Choi, poster-child for ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ calls in this week. He’s fought the right wing, he’s stood up to ‘mainstream gay,’ he’s been to Iraq, and now Choi takes on his toughest feat yet: the Six Pack interview. We delved into everything from his experiences officiating weddings to his  exploits on Grindr to his nervous breakdown last year. Choi holds nothing back!
  • Six Pack News poses quite a few questions this week. Is Sao Paulo really going to have a Heterosexual Pride day? Is AT&T slowly going to choke its unlimited data plan users? And has ‘It Gets Better’ officially jumped the shark? We’ve got answers galore!
  • Andy Dunn, founder and CEO of Bonobos, joins us live in-studio to tell us just how buttastic Bonobos pants really are. He’s part businessman, part fashionista, part self-help guru, and totally down with the gays. Oh, and he dressed us up in some hotttt suits for our GLAAD Manhattan event. Good man, good man.
  • Sure, the US credit rating has fallen, but fear not, The Six Pack always gives you cred. Download now!

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