75: Pleasant Unconsciousness

  • Michael Ian Black, fresh off a summer road trip with Meghan McCain, joins us this week to snark up the show. Between his comedy specials, TV shows and endless appearances on VH1, what else does he want to accomplish? And perhaps more importantly, will there be a ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ sequel? Cause we wouldn’t mind a another scene with Mr. Bradley Cooper.
  • Six Pack News has a little something for everyone. First, a new study says that nice guys do in fact finish last. Remember that next time someone at the office is mean to you. And speaking of mean, Rick Perry’s anti-gay rhetoric may be finally catching up with him; there’s an ad in a Texas newspaper looking for people that have slept with him. (Sadly, we have not.)
  • We also bring back ‘Werkin It’ with an out-and-proud lesbian, Rebecca Szymczak, who is the VP of Design for Playboy. (Yes, you read that correctly.) She talks about being a girl-into-girls at such a guy-centric company, how Playboy is getting a little gayer, and what it was like growing up with a mom who was a Playboy bunny. (You also read that correctly!)
  • Summer is almost over, but The Six Pack is just heatin’ up. Put on your white pants and click play before Labor Day.

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