76: Space Vacation

  • We sat down with CNN’s Don Lemon this week to discuss politics, coming out, and Marcus Bachmann.  Yes, Marcus did elbow Don, but don’t worry, Candy Crowley has his back. Don was in NYC guest hosting on HLN, so we interviewed him in Joy Behar’s office. So what, who cares? We do, that’s who!
  • The news gives us a brand new study confirming what many of you guys have been telling us: bisexuality does indeed exist. (Not that we doubted you!) Also, is college admission about to get easier for gay people? And how much would you pay to vacation in outer space? If you’ve got around $1.2 million to drop you can head up to the stars sooner than you think.
  • ‘Straight List, Gay Twist’ is back with an all-new twist. This time we took a list for straight men and debated whether it’s applicable to their homosexual counterparts. Maybe we aren’t so different from these guys after all.
  • The summer is over, so even though you have to put your white pants back in the closet, the season of Six Pack is just arriving!

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