77: Rainbow Trout

  • Henry Winkler (aka the Fonz) joins us this week for a cerebral, warm & fuzzy interview.  From Happy Days to Adam Sandler movies to his new found love of Twitter, Henry shares it all with a sprinkling of love. 
  • The news has us covering the news itself, as the New York Times seems to want to know a little more about Anderson Cooper’s love life. And have you been following #OccupyWallStreet? Some anarchists, hipsters, and communists have been gathering in downtown NYC to change the world. Will it work? If not, just hunker down in a smut bunker…yes, we’ll explain. 
  • We’re Werkin’ It with Jeff Kagan, the man behind the NYC gay sports leagues. We discuss changing stereotypes and whether sports and hanky-panky can co-exist. 
  • Fall has just begun.  Button up your sweater and listen in to this edition of The Six Pack.

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