78: French Lessons

  • On this episode of The Six Pack we finally reveal the announcement we’ve been teasing for awhile. Yes, it’s true, we’re now live on SiriusXM every Saturday, from 1-3 pm EST on OutQ channel 108. Adjust your satellite and tune in for some live fun. And fear not, the podcasts will still be here every Wednesday. It’s just more Ben and Dave in our ever-expanding media empire!
  • Steve-O is back for another round of uncensored shenanigans. Since we last spoke he did the Roast of Charlie Sheen and managed to get his nose broken by Mike Tyson! Steve-O is quite proud of the “honorary gay” title we gave him, and you’ll be quite impressed with his knowledge of otters and bears. 
  • The news is a mixed bag that includes everything from pig thievery (oh my!) to the fall TV season (oy vey!) to a straight version of Grindr (oh lord!). 
  • We bring back another ‘Werkin’ It’ with Jose Iniguez from MTV Act. What’s it like working for the do-gooder side of the hippest, hottest network around? And does ‘It Get Better’ when you’re actually out at work?  Yes, yes it does.
  • Bust out your flannels, find your fall shoes and download some fall fun now.

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