80: Baby Shaker

  • Recording artist Justin Utley and SiriusXM radio host Derek Hartley join us in studio for a double dose of audio star power. Justin describes growing up as a gay Mormon and how he survived reparative therapy before moving to NYC. Derek tells us all about his new book and the keys to success as a radio duo. (Important info for some of us!) 
  • Trending this week is a mix of money, Hollywood, and tech: Did you know Youtube is actually making people make money? We’ll give you the tips to cash in. Can stars go back in the closet after coming out publicly? Apparently so. And which apps has Apple banned from the app store? Lots to discuss. 
  • We’re off to Miami this week to escape the chilly northeast. If you’re in the Miami area join us at the Lords Hotel on Friday November 4th for drinks and South Beach good times.

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