81: Bienvenidos a Miami

  • The Six Packin’ Across America tour reached South Beach for this suntastic, abtastic episode. We spent our days at the 12th street beach and our nights taking in all that South Beach has to offer. When not mingling with the locals, we sat down with Lords South Beach owner Brian Gorman to talk southern hospitality and what it means to own an “appropriately oriented” hotel.
  • We also chat with the most powerful gay couple in Miami, Steve Adkins and Cindy Brown, who are the head honchos over at the Miami-Dade Lesbian and Gay Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center.  (Yes, he’s gay and she’s a lesbian, but please follow us on this one!) They tell us all about how Miami became a hub of gay life in Florida and how the community has become to integrated into the city.  And Cindy tips us off on a major money-making app (involving the words “grind” and “her.”)
  • The main event of the trip was Sleepless Night, Miami’s 25-hour cultural festival, marking the end of daylight savings time with music, performance, art…and lots of espresso. So yes, The Six Pack hit South beach, the city of six packs, and lived to tell about it.  Wanna find out more about a great city? Check out the LGBT Center here and the Miami Chamber of Commerce here. And tell ‘em Ben and Dave sent ya!

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