83: A Reality, Reality World

  • Brad Goreski and Levi Crocker join us on a reality-star packed version of The Six Pack! First, we chat it up with Brad about his new Bravo show, ‘It’s a Brad, Brad World’ and dig a little deeper into the fallout between him and Rachel Zoe. Is Brad ready for his own series, and can we get him in a pair of Bonobos? You’ll find out!
  • Next up, it’s Levi Crocker from Logo’s ‘A-List.’ This is one Texas cowboy not afraid of the bright lights and  big city. He holds nothing back when talking about his distaste for Ann Coulter and reveals why he holds no love for the new Flaming Saddles bar in NYC. Did they kick him out for being a real cowboy?
  • Trending in this episode: Did you know that if you have an STD people might be able to sniff it out of you? A new study confirms it. And if you’re stalking anyone these days there is a new clinic just for you. The holiday season is upon us, so catch up on your shopping and catch up on your Six Pack! Note: If you trample any people we cannot be held legally responsible.

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