85: Pikachu Tattoo

  • Ed Begley Jr. helps us kick off 2012 in total green style. He was green way before it was cool and now has his own reality show because of it…not to mention a boatload of TV shows and movies under his belt. 
  • In Trending this week, we debate Gawker’s “pop culture resolutions” as well as offer our take on SOPA. Don’t know what SOPA is? No, it’s not a new type of soap! Trust us, it’s important and you need to know about it. We also bring back an oldie but a goodie in ‘Craigslist Missed Connections Set to Love Songs.’ With the holidays having come and gone we found some missed connections that really capture the holiday spirit. Is your unrequited love in here?
  • Since it’s a new year, we’re out with the old and in with the new! We’ve got a new sound and a new announcement. New year, new you, new Six Pack. Go!

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