89: Google Romney

  • Mo Rocca makes his triumphant return to The Six Pack this week. Sure, last time turned out to be his big so-called “coming out” party, but this time is even heartier as he tells us all about “My Grandma’s Ravioli.” A gay guy with a close relationship with his grandmother? He’s a keeper!
  • Trending this week is quite a mixed bag of news. First, did you know that people are now making huge profits on Whitney Houston’s death? Also, have you Googled ‘Romney’ lately? He has a bit of a ‘Santorum’ problem, if you know what we mean. And finally, we give Chris Christie’s office a call to see about his veto of the gay marriage bill in New Jersey. Did he take our call personally? Only one way to find out!
  • Werkin’ It is back this week with Blue State Digital’s Thomas Gensemer. Thomas is head of one of the top digital media agencies in the country and was a driving force behind Barack Obama’s 2008 online campaign.
  • It’s Ben’s Big Bonkers Birthday Bonanza! Put on your party hat and listen now!

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