90: Show Me That Smile Again

  • We’re live in LA for a special edition of The Six Pack. Hear all about our red carpet shenanigans and behind-the-scenes magic as we covered “8” the play for SiriusXM.
  • Plus, listen in as we sit down with Big Bang Theory star Melissa Rauch, who gives us her own insight into what it’s like to travel down the red carpet while starring on the number one show in America. 
  • Trending this week we’ve got George Clooney not caring if you think he’s gay vs. Kirk Cameron thinking you’re destroying civilization if you’re gay. Guess whose side we’re on? Sure, gays are making strides all over the world and acceptance gets closer with each passing day, but sometimes we can be just as criminally inclined as the straights… hence the return of Crime Time! It’s action packed this episode. Now sit back and relax as we put the homo in Hollywood.
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